IOLITEC is an innovative, dynamic and goal-oriented company whose activities go far beyond the production and sale of ionic liquids. Located at Heilbronn/Germany and Tuscaloosa/USA, IOLITEC uses state-of-the-art production technologies to manufacture standard products including 350 ionic liquids, 200 nanomaterials, and more than 50 Products for energy storage & conversion (e.g. electrolytes for batteries, supercapacitors & fuel cells), to guarantee the availability from grams up to 25 ton quantities.
With solid experience in project management and with a skilled management team of currently ten PhD-level chemists with different professional backgrounds, IOLITEC is in the strong position to give reliable answers and to deal with customer requests from many different sectors in a professional, efficient and goal-oriented way.
IOLITEC’s services include consulting, feasibility studies, and the development of marketable products based on ionic liquids, nanomaterials, and energy storage/-conversion technologies in close co-operation with our customers.

Innosil is a small spin-off company from Poland which have been established in 2011 by Poznan Science and Technology Park (PSTP) of Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation in order to become an entity responsible for commercialization of technologies developed by scientists at PSTP. ​Reactivation of the company in 2017 together with changing the company structure as well as signing the exclusive license agreement with the PSTP for the use of patented ILAGRO technology (plant protection method through plant resistance induction) is a new beginning for the Innosil.

The main goal of the Innosil Company and its shareholders  is to finalize the development of the ILAGRO product, its registration as plant protection product, and to commercialize it through licensing to large agrochemical companies. From the beginning of R&D work on the ILAGRO product, we have one basic aim: helping plants to become healthier, which in turn will make us healthier.